Fifty Years of Filth: The Story of the Mighty Tone Bender Fuzz

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1969 Dallas Arbiter England – Fuzz Face

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Dating from the late 60s – has BCCs. Required a new pot, jack socket – sounds stunning. Missing rubber tread from face. Surely one of the most iconic vintage guitar pedals, in excellent condition for its age. See detailed photos. We ship worldwide and we have special discounted shipping rates to continental USA and Canada. You can rely on us to pack your item with care, and deliver swiftly by international courier with full tracking and insurance.

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The section that follows contains information I have pieced together over the years with the help and generosity of a few jolly nice folks. I have tried to explain the history and development of the Tone Bender from to approx in a clear and understandable manner so it can be easily used as a reference and a one track article on Tone Bender development. It is by no means a complete work and I will update and add to this page as and when I have further info.

The MKI was a three transistor circuit that was based upon the Gibson built Maestro Fuzz-tone that was modified by Hurst to produce more sustain than its American counter part. The Tone Bender was one the first ever British made Fuzz box available to the public and sold for 14 guineas. These pedals had what appears to be dry letter transfers for the labelling which was hand applied, note how little labelling is actually left intact on the above example.

Dunlop fuzz face dating. Even described the ton new dallas Arbiter Vintage. Dallas ARBITER ENGLAND w NOS parts as an overdrivedistortion as an improved.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Today the Big Muff comes in many different shapes and sizes and this guide will help you to choose your perfect Big Muff fuzz pedal! It all started back in , when Mike Matthews and his partner Bob Myer decided to create their own fuzz pedal on perfboard — little did they know they would create one of the most widely used and well-respected pedals ever produced.

A younger Matthews, a keyboard player and recent Cornell graduate, was working for Guild manufacturing the original Foxey Lady pedals back in the late 60s and decided to take inspiration from the design to create something more reliable, more controllable but altogether new. Before there were such things as Distortion or Overdrive pedals, fuzz pedals were all the rage, and used by everyone from The Beatles and Rolling Stones, to Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.

More than any other type of effects pedals, fuzz boxes have to be “played” – it’s not just matter of stepping on them. The Big Muff is a very simple, vintage-style fuzz pedal that marks an evolution from previous Electro-Harmonix fuzz pedals, delivering a distinctive distorted sound. It was basically an LPB-1 booster with an added overdrive circuit. In the nineties, a new generation of bands helped to make the pedal even more popular, including Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.

There’s no mistake when you listen to a Big Muff because it does have a very particular sound – though it’s been copied by countless Big Muff clones! The late 70s version of this world-famous pedal relied on operational amplifiers op-amps rather than transistors back in the day to get that rich, saturated fuzz sound and utilised three gain stages rather than the four we have today. This version of the pedal now fetches a hefty sum on the 2nd hand market making it almost unaffordable for mere mortals.

So, to put a stop to that and to satisfy the tone nerds out there like me EHX reissued this coveted pedal in

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Last update July Linking to this website is allowed, but copying the text content is strictly prohibited without prior authorization. This is a list of all the market release dates for most major fuzz box pedals and Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi pedals, and related fuzz pedals and clones from the mid ‘s to the mid ’70’s.

The Fuzz Face’s appearance in Autumn – and Hendrix’s almost immediate The earliest known units have potentiometer codes dating to September and.

The first or so Tone Bender MkI fuzzes were housed in wooden enclosures, after which they were produced in black folded-steel boxes with a gold top panel. Photo courtesy of Stuart Castledine. Initially conceived as the British answer to the American-made Maestro Fuzz-Tone built by a subsidiary of Gibson , the Tone Bender—and its somewhat confusing iterative evolutions over the years—went on to carve out its own definitive place in history.

Its rank in the sonic pantheon in the sky is assured by its use on seminal recordings by a plethora of legendary guitarists from the British scene in the mid-to-late s. To be sure, the Tone Bender has a convoluted, murky history. But while it went through many changes during its time, each version had something to offer to eager guitarists who were ready to kneel at its altar of fuzzy brilliance. Heavily inspired by the Gibson-built Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz-Tone, which was hard to obtain in England at the time, Hurst produced a 3-transistor circuit after being asked by session musician Vic Flick for a pedal that would emulate the sound of the FZ-1 but with more sustain.

Flick, an in-demand session player of the era, is now most famous for playing the iconic James Bond riff. A critical Maestro design element that Hurst changed was the use of 9V power. Although this is now standard in virtually all guitar pedals, the few pedals that existed in were powered by 1. Hurst built approximately MkI Tone Benders in the wooden enclosures before changing to a wedge-shaped, folded-steel enclosure with a gold-and-black finish. Around the time of the introduction of these steel enclosures in mid-to-late , the pedal began being marketed under the Sola Sound name—a brand created by brothers Joe and Larry Macari in late The MkI.

Here we have a specimen of the latter in a sandcast-aluminum enclosure.

28 of the Best Compact Tone Bender Style Fuzz Pedals – All 9 Varieties!

The Fuzz Face is an effects pedal for electric guitar , used also by some electric bass players. It is designed to produce a distorted sound referred to as “fuzz,” originally achieved through accident such as broken electrical components or damaged speakers. Arbiter Electronics Ltd. The earliest units used germanium transistors.

My red FF reissue has NKT transistors. It has 2 trimpots. Inside the case it reads: Fuzz Face Pots read; CH

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SunFace and Fuzz Face Pedals : What’s the deal?

Our website uses cookies to make your browsing experience better. By using out site you agree to our use of cookies. View our testimonials. Surely one of the most iconic vintage guitar pedals,

Dallas Arbiter England JHF2 Reissue FUZZ FACE – serial number – in RED FINISH in overall excellent condition. Pot codes both date this to circa.

This was original posted in Analog Man’s forum in Spring of I started working for Crest Audio in fall of One day while I was looking for parts in the one of the stock rooms, I came across a FuzzFace. It was blue, nearly two inches tall in height and it said Dallas Music Industries on the mouth. I put a battery in the FF and tried it out. It sounded like crap. At low levels, it didnt pass signal. If I hit the strings hard, I got a farting noise out of it.

I wrote it off as a piece of crap and moved on.

CRIMSON – Fuzzface